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Accepting me, you and life!

Definition of acceptance

1 : the quality or state of being accepted or acceptable His theories have gained widespread acceptance.

2 : the act of accepting something or someone : the fact of being accepted : approval acceptance of responsibility

3 law : an agreeing either expressly or by conduct to the act or offer of another so that a contract is concluded and the parties become legally bound

4a : the act of accepting a time draft or bill of exchange for payment when due according to the specified terms

b : an accepted draft or bill of exchange

September is starting and with that the school season for all you kiddos, which means we are back into the daily routine of life, which I know can be incredibly difficult to accept.

I want to talk about acceptance this month because I know how important it is, and I also know just how rare it can seem.

Having someone accept you is such an important key to living a life where you can feel proud of yourself and therefore accept yourself as well.

Nothing breaks my heart more than knowing that there are so many people out there who don’t feel accepted by the people in their lives.

I know that in my personal journey, I have struggled with this tremendously, not only with accepting myself and the people around me, but also accepting situations.

Through my journey of life, knowing both illness and wellness, acceptance has come up a lot.

I had a very hard time accepting my fate of being sick. I kept thinking that “this is not my life”, that my life was waiting for me, school, friends, and everything else. That there would be somewhere I could go back to. I think it’s pretty common to think that. If you miss a few days of school, you just make up for what you missed and return, but I was at the point where I couldn’t return, and I could no longer pretend that I could. My class graduated, my friends moved, my relationships changed, and there was nothing of my old life to go back to.

It seemed impossible to accept that I would never be the person I imagined becoming; that I would never go back to the life that I had before.

But as with everything that must be faced, the time eventually came. I do have to tell you, it was not an easy process. But appreciating the things I did have in my actual life and grieving the person that I never got to be, proved to be the road to acceptance and therefore healing and change.

Because I truly believe that without acceptance, there can be no change.

If you’re out there struggling with accepting a tough situation in your life, I totally feel you! You are not at all alone! Let yourself feel anything and everything that comes up, and you just might find some more peace. These phases of life are completely normal!

If we’re talking about people, what I have truly come to realize is that without accepting ourselves, it’s incredibly hard to feel like we can be accepted by others.

Of course, I do think it goes both ways; it’s almost impossible to accept yourself if you have never been accepted by others.

That’s why it’s so important to be in environments where you feel like you can be exactly who you are, and accepted for it. That’s why Camp is a place that I love being every year. Not only do I feel more accepting of others, but I also feel like I am accepted and more prone to accepting myself in turn.

But when you don’t have access to a community or people you feel safe with and accepted by, some methods that help me get closer to acceptance personally are: listing things that I like and appreciate about myself, and on the flip side, also examining the parts of me that I feel are unacceptable. Why do I feel like that? Do I feel like if a friend did the same thing, I wouldn’t be able to accept them? Is it a belief I carry from my parents or my family? Does this narrative serve me in my life?

I think analyzing these aspects of ourselves not only makes us more compassionate towards ourselves, but others as well.

Also remember, it’s okay to struggle with it, it’s definitely not always an easy road, and sometimes acceptance comes in a form that you least expect, though, I do have faith you will get through no matter what!

I hope you have an awesome month! Never forget, I love and accept you, so maybe there’s some hope that you can accept yourself too! Because we are all worthy, and nothing you have done is ever going to make you unacceptable.

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