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Camp Brownwood: The story

Hello Friends,

Liz here, I`m really excited to be writing the blog post and connecting with you this month. In honor of Camp Brownwood's 3rd Birthday I wanted to share a tiny sliver of my story with you and tell you all about how I created Camp Brownwood and why it means so much to me.

For me, birthdays have always been special, more than any holiday we celebrate. I believe everyone who is born is unique and deserves to celebrate the fact that they are here on this planet right now, living life, taking up space and finding their authenticity.

Camp Brownwood`s birthday feels just as special. I still remember who I was the day it was born and I love seeing how we grew together and reflecting on how it has changed me over the years.

3 years ago on April 1st of 2020, I planted the seeds for my dreams to come true. I was so scared to jump in. Starting a business and launching my own camp felt scary enough, doing it all right as a pandemic hits the world felt overwhelming and a bit terrifying. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had a clear vision and a huge dream, along with people who loved and believed in me, so I did what I had done my whole life. I pushed through the paralyzing fear and trusted the gut instinct that has kept me alive for all these years.

As a little kid all I ever wanted to do was to create something that matters. To create a place that is safe for everyone and where all can feel loved and seen. I spent most of my childhood dreaming about this place and wishing it were alive for my own sake. I never found the place, but found the feeling I was chasing after in dance, which saved my life and kept me going during my childhood.

I was told as a kid that dreams are unreachable, that’s why they are called dreams. But there was a part of me that knew that wasn’t true. I pushed forward and realized that any dream you have is out there for you to grab, all you have to do is hold the vision and believe.

Another lesson I had to learn was asking for help. It was hard to overcome the limiting belief that receiving help meant that I was not good enough to do it all on my own, and therefore not worthy of fulfilling my dreams.

I`m so grateful for how far I`ve come and for all the people who have supported and helped me along the way. I didn't do it alone. I couldn’t have done it without the amazing people in my life who love and see me enough to hold my vision and support my dreams. I’m thankful to have recognized that receiving help is essential and that collaboration is the key to success.

To be honest, some days I still feel like an imposter and like I don't deserve this. It’s way more work than I anticipated and the most stressful responsibility I’ve ever had. I'm learning to be the person who can hold and accept this dream, and let it grow into whatever it’s meant to become.

I've learned more about myself and the universe through my journey creating Camp Brownwood, than ever before. It has literally been a dream come true.

I've had to grow up and fully embrace the position in order to get clear on what my mission really is. Camp Brownwood has become a safe and loving place for so many kids, where they get to be themselves and be appreciated for who they are all while learning a valuable skill. That’s why I will never stop running my business intuitively and trusting my gut. I will never stop pushing through the fear and being brave. I will never stop standing up for what I believe in and I will never stop holding the vision for the safe place that I would have needed as a kid.

I have so many other dreams and now I know they are all within reach. I know that even if I don’t feel fully ready, I am becoming the version of me who can accept and create them, and so can you! My wish for you is to allow yourself to realize and believe in your dreams and fight to make them all come true. Connect with the child within you and remember what you’ve always wanted and wished for. Be your own hero. You’ve got this! I’m always here if you need any help, and just know that I’m definitely always rooting for you!

Thank you for reading a small part of the story of Camp Brownwood and celebrating alongside us. If your dreams are calling, this is your sign to reach out and grab them! I love you!

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