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#Goals or #Nogoals?





plural goals


: the end toward which effort is directed aim

The goal is high-speed rail travel.


a: an area or object toward which players in various games attempt to advance a ball or puck and usually through or into which it must go to score points

b: the act or action of causing a ball or puck to go through or into such a goal

c: the score resulting from such an act


a: the terminal point of a race

b: an area to be reached safely in children's games

Hello Friend, 

First of all, I’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year! May this year bring the blessings you’ve been craving. 

2024 is in full swing, and I have seen no shortage of people posting their new year goals on social media. 

I don’t know what happened, but something must have changed within me in the past few years. You see, I remember when I would make goals, post them and work towards achieving them during the new year. Now, however, I have an aversion to the concept. I see these posts and think “man, those are lots of goals… which means a lot of pressure on a person…expectations…Yikes.”

I don’t know if it has anything to do with a general feeling of burnout. Or the fact that I’ve discovered that the easiest way for me to actually get things done is if I keep them to myself. I’ve been questioning why I haven’t set goals for this year, and what is holding me back? 

I recently saw a quote that said: “How is it that day to day nothing changes, yet when you look back, everything is different?” I’ve been feeling this a lot lately. 

I spent the first few days of the year reflecting on what I achieved last year. Though I had the feeling that nothing big has changed in my life, going over the list of things I’ve accomplished gave me a fresh perspective. 

I’ve done a lot more than I give myself credit for. 

The reason it feels like I haven’t gotten much done last year is because I have continued many of the ongoing projects I had instead of starting new ones.

Things I would have been proud of before have now become every-day parts of my life.  Things like daily movement and meditation, posting regularly on YouTube, and writing this blog. Why should I take them for granted just because I’ve created a life in which their implementation is second-nature? I remember the years where it would have been impossible for me to commit to a daily physical practice. By now, it’s not a question. Just because something is not new, doesn’t mean it’s not still something to be proud of, or something you achieved. 

If we go to an even deeper layer, isn’t it an accomplishment that I made it here, another day, another year? Isn’t it an accomplishment that there is still air to breathe, water to drink, and a warm house to sleep in? 

Though I would not consider these "goals", they are the foundation of life. And taking them for granted is not helping me achieve other, more “relevant” goals that I have.

I’ve found that approaching these accomplishments and goals with a beginner's mindset has been immensely helpful. Things that are second-nature by now were once impossible to start. If I view these accomplishments as I did in the beginning, it’s friggin' impressive! I can look back on the years of work I put into projects, and recognize that though the final product is yet to exist, I am making progress, slowly but surely.

I may not have completed goals to flaunt on social media, but that doesn’t mean I am not getting closer to achieving them.

So, who’s right? Is it the people who post their list online? The ones who declare the things they want to accomplish? Or is it me? Who silently gets things done, little by little, without the external expectation on my shoulders, and thus without the congratulations either?

Is it better to announce something and fail or to never announce it and succeed without credit? 

These are good questions, ones to which I do not have the answers.

I'll say the best thing you can do is follow your own heart. Appreciate the things you have, and the things you have accomplished. Share them if you want to, keep them to yourself if you don’t.

Above all, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back. You got this far. You’re reading this. In 2024! That's already a huge feat that many people don’t have the privilege to experience! 

Thank you for sticking by me for 2 years of writing this blog. I’m grateful that this is a goal that I have been able to sustain! I couldn’t have done it without you, friend. 

What are your thoughts on goals? 

I love you.

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