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March! But how? And for what?

Definition of march (Besides the month)


: to move along steadily usually with a rhythmic stride and in step with others



: to move in a direct purposeful manner : PROCEED


: to make steady progress : ADVANCE

It sure is a weird time to be alive, don’t you think? When I first started writing this month’s post, I had no idea just how timely this theme would be. I’m well aware of the marching going on so near to us, and though I don’t agree with the methods, it is good to contemplate, and it is a good example to bring my point across this month. What is it you believe in enough to march for?

I always notice when someone casually shows what they believe in, like wearing a hijab, or having an X across your hand, it always makes me question: what do I stand for? What is it that I as a person want to represent?

I come back to the fact that I want to represent love and truth. Now here is where I run into some problems again.

With internet culture and social media actively polarizing us and seeping into our day to day interactions, it is so hard to know what is the truth. So many people have different opinions. It’s very hard to know who is right. Even if you do all the research, you might not be seeing the big picture, oftentimes, it’s hard to stand your ground, especially when questioned. How do you stick by your beliefs while still remaining respectful?

That is the biggest challenge in this department that I see, and I wonder why it is so hard to accept the differences of truths. We often think of truth in an absolute form, but growing up, you recognize just how much perspective can change what is real for you. We’ve all heard the example of numbers: 6 from one angle and 9 from another. This is somewhat easy to accept, but why is it hard to accept that it works the same way in so many different fields? There are many truths, and they can coexist.

Ultimately, I have come to the understanding that it matters less what you believe in, what your truth is, and more so how you represent it. If you try (already a keyword) to make your point through force, you will always be met with resistance, and more likely than not, failure. To truly reach out and get someone to understand where you’re coming from and how you see the world, you have to be willing to let it come out of ease, out of unapologetically being, and through that show what you represent and care about.

An argument, though it might be scientifically sound and logically perfect, can easily fall on deaf ears, depending on your delivery of it.

So remember, no matter what point you’re trying to make, what you are representing and marching for, don’t try to convince others that you are right, that your way is the way to live. Just simply live, embody the qualities you want to see in the world, and the people who are drawn to that, might just be inspired to do the same.

Sometimes marching can look a lot like simply existing. Existing in your own knowledge of who you are, and leaving room for others to do the same.

Whatever it is you believe in, as long as it doesn’t hurt yourself and others, wear it with pride, don’t be afraid to march! I’m right beside you!

I’m sending you all so much love in this time of chaos and pain, may we all love ourselves and each other a little bit more in spite of it all. Enjoy the March!

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