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Seeing in the Dark



dark·​ness | \ ˈdärk-nəs

Definition of darkness

: the quality or state of being dark: such as

a : the total or near total absence of light

b(1) : the quality of being dark in shade or color

(2) : the quality of being dark in complexion

c(1) : a gloomy or depressed state or tone

(2) : evil

(3) : a lack of knowledge or enlightenment

Hello my friends, this month, I felt it was timely to talk about darkness, seeing as we are losing more and more sunlight with every passing day.

Darkness is a very interesting concept to me, because, as with many things in this world, it is generally viewed in a very limited way. Usually, as we can see from the definitions as well, we consider darkness something that is not favorable; something that is rather bad, than good.

But as you might have guessed already, I’m here to examine why darkness is an incredibly necessary aspect of our world.

It all boils down to this: Without darkness, there is no light, and vice versa. If the light is what we consider good, we have the darkness to thank for even being able to perceive it; which kind of makes darkness good too, doesn’t it?

On the flip-side of that thought process, with all good things, there are just as many so-called “bad” parts that come along with it.

Think of childbirth as the perfect example! We mostly consider the “good” and “beautiful” aspects of the process, such as bringing new life into this world. But in reality, without the things that we would consider “disgusting”, such as the blood, bodily fluids and placenta, we would never have access to the ultimate “good”: the baby!

In my opinion, this applies to every situation. There is no separation between the good and bad, between darkness and light, because they are both two sides of the exact same coin; without one, the other cannot exist.

That’s why I feel this is the perfect time to wander into our own inner darkness, examine the aspects that we consider “bad” or “unacceptable”, or the parts of ourselves that we have been taught to hide. Because as we journey down the road of self-discovery, we realize more and more, how all of these parts of us are ultimately there to help us somehow, and that maybe bad doesn’t even really exist, at least not in the way we thought.

When we come to terms and actually shed light onto the darkness that is within us, that lets us embrace ourselves more fully in a love that is deeper than just the surface.

I know this time of year can feel gloomy and depressing for a lot of people, I am one of them. Still, I challenge myself and you, to find appreciation in the small things, to seek a shift in perspectives, and to acknowledge all that the darkness has done for you.

Consider all of the things we wouldn’t have without darkness: Stars, mushrooms, lava lamps, glow sticks, bats, cactus flowers, lightning bugs, earthworms, and so many other beautiful things… It makes me contemplate that maybe darkness isn’t so bad after all.

After all, our darkness allows others on our planet to have light this time of year. Spring can finally arrive in the southern hemisphere; without this balance, our whole planet would be in chaos.

So this month, if the darkness gets you down, try to be inquisitive towards it, instead of dismissive, who knows? You might just learn how to see in the dark! I’ll be practicing alongside you! I love you!

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