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Meet our founder, Elizabeth Joyce Brownwood

Liz is our one and only Mother of Camps. She grew up in an American-Hungarian household with English-teaching parents. Now a social worker, educator and entrepreneur, she started this camp out of her pure love for children and passion for creating a world full of happy and emotionally intelligent adults.

"I believe that children learn by example, and that open, honest communication is key to healthy development. Kids need structure to feel safe enough to grow, as well as unconditional love and never-ending support. Every human is born with talent, it is our responsibility to realize, strengthen and support it in our children."

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Camp Brownwood is an immersive summer camp where kids can have a truly international experience without ever leaving the country. We believe learning comes naturally when you're having fun, which is why activities are held in English by lively native speakers from all over the world. We take pride in having one teacher per two or three kids attending to ensure that everyone is always included.


Mornings are focused on learning activities and skill development in small groups divided by age and language level, while afternoons are for unique workshops and events you won't find anywhere else. Join us for an unforgettable experience!



As we are often jokingly referred to as therapy camp, one of our most important goals is to create a safe, loving and open environment for your children, one that will foster their growth both in language and in life. For example, we begin each day by setting a positive intention for the day – an achievable, personal goal like learning a new word, talking to someone new, or something as simple as having fun.


Every morning, after our morning exercises, everyone draws a small piece of paper from a jar with an act of kindness written on it. Their mission is then to do that act of kindness – like “make sure someone drinks enough water”, “make someone laugh” or “give someone a compliment” – by the end of the day. After dinner, everyone has the opportunity to share whether they were able to complete their acts of kindness and daily intentions.


Not only do these activities teach kids to speak about their feelings in English, they foster a sense of purpose in the individual, promote empathy and contribute to building a community based on positive interactions and mutual trust.




Our daily schedule includes morning learning activities and skill development. Kids are divided into groups based on their knowledge and participate in a level-appropriate class with an English teacher. At the beginning of the week, everyone is encouraged to define a specific goal they wish to work towards, such as ace a language exam, or improve comprehension skills. Teachers will plan each lesson accordingly. Our small class sizes are truly beneficial, as the teacher can really cater to each students’ individual needs.



We strive to introduce activities that most kids wouldn’t experience in their day-to-day lives. For example, dance, photography, dog agility, American sports, improv, arts and crafts, music, debates, film-making, obstacle courses and many other activities! We feel it's very important that our campers foster a good relationship with themselves, so personality and mindfulness based workshops are always woven through our time together, as are creative tasks that allow us to create memories and experiences that will stay with us long after camp is over!



We love being in nature, and summertime is the perfect time to be outside. We start every day with a light morning exercise like yoga, stretching or basic strength training. Afternoons and evenings are for games like Capture the Flag, relay races, or an exciting, investigative scavenger hunt. We like choosing venues that are close to nature, so we may plan a hike to a nearby lake or forest. Of course, different abilities are always taken into account.



What's camp without a campfire? Not even fancy workshops can replace classic camp activities like making smores, or singing around the bonfire. Circle games, jam sessions and meals together are just a part of our daily routine. Have you ever gone home from camp without something you made with your own two hands? We hope not! Make lifelong friends, try new things, be creative and get out of your comfort zone - that's what Camp Brownwood is all about!

Programs and Activities
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