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Camp Brownwood: Adult Edition has finally arrived!

We're very excited to launch our first camp for adults!

Come and hang out with some awesome people, have great conversations and have a blast at our unique workshops. Meanwhile, practice your English with native speakers without ever having to leave the country.


What to expect:

  • 3 days of hanging out with and learning from native English speakers. 

  • Exciting and fun workshops such as: Obstacle course and sports, art, dance and music, scavenger hunts, mindfulness. 

  • Techniques that help you get "unstuck" if you have a fear of speaking.

  • Meaningful conversations with interesting people from different walks of life

  • Trying new food and unique meals

  • A great atmosphere close to nature

  • Daily movement and meditation

Adult Camp

Venue and dates:
Contact us if you're interested.

Recommended for adults over 18

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