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Want to be a mentor at Camp Brownwood?

Our mentorship program offers teens and young adults the opportunity to learn how to work in a team and to help the teachers at Camp Brownwood run the ship smoothly.

Your job will be to mentor and help the kids during the activities, as well as to hang out with them during free-time!
Since our camp’s primary language is English, you will be responsible for minimizing the language barrier and helping them understand the instructions they’re given.


This is a huge opportunity for you to boost your own language skills by being immersed in a fully English-speaking community!
As camp comes to an end, you’ll also be given the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned by organizing and hosting your own workshop for the kids.

Aside from all this, you will have your very own “Teacher of Mentors” with whom you’ll have daily workshops where you can develop your skills and learn. You’ll get to meet your Mentor at a pre-camp workshop.



  • Teamwork

  • Problem Solving

  • Mediating and Conflict resolution  

  • Communication 

  • Taking responsibility for yourself and others

  • Learning about yourself (self-knowledge) 

  • Organizing and hosting activities for kids 

  • Confidence in English 

  • How to be a good mentor


  • Be open to interacting with and learning from people of different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences

  • Be passionate about working with kids, 

  • Be independent and ready to take on responsibility 

  • Be happy to initiate conversations and activities 

  • Be a team player 

  • Have basic knowledge of English

Dates: 2024 July 21-28. 
Price: 70 000,- HUF

We are also accepting volunteers free of charge. Please contact us on our contact page or below if you're interested!

To apply, please send your contact information and a motivational letter detailing why you think you’d be a good fit for Camp Brownwood!

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Good luck! 

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