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A Letter From A Friend


noun (1)

let·​ter ˈle-tər 


: a symbol usually written or printed representing a speech sound and constituting a unit of an alphabet


a: a direct or personal written or printed message addressed to a person or organization

b: a written communication containing a grant

—usually used in plural


letters plural in form but singular or plural in construction

a: literature, belles lettres

b: learning


: the strict or outward sense or significance

the letter of the law


a: a single piece of type

b: a style of type


: the initial of a school awarded to a student for achievement usually in athletics


lettered; lettering; letters

transitive verb


: to set down in letters : print


: to mark with letters

noun (2)

let·​ter ˈle-tər 

: one that rents or leases

Dear Friend, 

I hope my letter finds you well.

I, for one,  am in the midst of a bout of illness that has wiped me off my feet for the past few weeks. Seeing as it has been difficult to think, let alone write, I have decided to come to you this month with a short, gentle letter from a friend. 

Spring has nearly arrived, and with it comes the possibility that we all may spring back into action and life. I am unsure whether or not I am awarded that chance, but I nonetheless appreciate the sentiment and opportunity. Are you feeling okay? Have you been eating? Have you found small comforts to lift your spirits in the dark times? 

It has not been easy for me, as I’m guessing it hasn’t been for you. How rough life’s waters can get these days. I should think that I would make a fine sailor in another life. 

For now, I’m stuck in this life. And I’m quite  sea-sick.

Here, I have been unable to do much aside from lying in bed, which can prove to be quite boring at times. The bird songs have kept me company, along with a few rare sights of butterflies through my window. The natural world keeps me sane, even as the barking  dogs may disturb the serenity I long for currently. It is a good reminder that I’m alive. Though I am often  unsure whether I am actually here or this is all just one big dream. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Either way it is. Either way, I am. I hope you are too, and I am not writing into the void. 

I had an orange yesterday. It was sweet and juicy, the kind that is best shared with family. I wish for you to experience it too. I am sending you a slice, a segment, a bite, along with my well wishes and fragments of my broken heart. I trust you will enjoy and care for them tenderly. I think we all need more tenderness than we let ourselves believe. 

I know this is a little different than what you generally receive from me, but the times, they are a’changing. And I cannot stand in the way, lest I be washed away by the tide. I hope this message fills your heart with softness and warmth. It is what I attempted to pour in.

My energy is running low and I fear I won’t make good company for long. Thank you. For reading. For  being here. For being at all. 

Think of me, 

Yours truly, 


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